Best Streaming Devices for Showtime Showtime is a premium cable television network. Therefore, one would logically look for a digital device that is able to broadcast/stream cable television networks, first. Five streaming devices that are capable of broadcasting cable television networks are Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and NVIDIA Shield TV. These five devices are capable of connecting to the internet and a television at the same time, which will allow you to access cable television. The Amazon Fire TV has to be purchased and will also require a periodic subscription charge. The Amazon Fire TV will than give you access to a number of premium cable networks which includes Showtime Anytime. The Chromecast is able to connect the HDMI from a television to a Wi-Fi Network so that you are able to stream a computer into your television. The Chromecase will also allow you to access Showtime Anytime. The Ruku is a good device for streaming Showtime into older televisions. An ethernet jack must be purchased separately for the Ruku. 

The Amazon Fire TV comes with various apps so that you can watch catch up television from networks like the BBC and allows you to access the databases of Netflix, Spotify, and other services that require subscriptions. The usb port is not usable, which limits certain features that other similar devices might include. You can set the device up by entering your Wi-Fi network, along with your Amazon email address and password. The device come with an onscreen keyboard which you will probably only need to us once. The interface is similar to a Fire tablet. The main menu is on the left hand side of the screen. You can select Prime Instant Video to buy or rent movies or television shows. You are able to add movies to your watch list. You can use a microphone that’s built into the remote to service for specific movies or tv shows, to use a feature known as voice search. However, this voice search feature only has access to Amazon content. Yo8u will also be able to watch YouTube videos with this device. The video starts streaming almost instantly and the device has very good high definition quality. This device is very responsive and has no interface lag. You will often come across material that is not included into your subscription for this device. You can use the Plex app to watch material across your home network. If you buy this device, you’ll need to subscribe to Amazon Prime service. This device will not freeze on you. The device comes with parental controls. 

The Apple TV has a search feature. The a microphone icon that you can click and reach the live stream player. It will cost $3.99, one time. Than, choose the search feature. From the search feature, you can either type something into the search box, such as Showtime, or. The options that work are in green. The option will take you to Showtime, but will need a little time to buffer. Once it buffers, you can enjoy Showtime. Whatever cable tv station you like, just search for it and it will come up as a search option.

The Chromecast works with any tv that has an HDMI adapter. The Chromecast is extremely portable and can connect with any device in your home that has an HDMI adapter. You just have to make sure that you configure your internet connection that connects to this device. A wall charger is included with the package for this device. This device is compatible with all of the major streaming services such as Hulu and Pandora. 

The Roku allows you to steam live cable tv at a website called Channel Pear. The Roku with Channel Pear was a subscription fee of $2.99 per month. This subscription will give you access to everything that cable tv has to offer which will include all local channels. However, you will be required to install Channel Pear into your Roku stick. 

The NVIDIA Shield TV comes with a device called a TVHeadend and comes with a de-scrambler. The HD channels cannot be de-scrambled. It has a really smooth and fast interface. It has a voice control feature. It comes with a tv menu. It comes with the Plex media center.